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Our Work in Europe

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In Europe, we develop programs to help people who cannot afford eyeglasses and are not covered by local social welfare programs. We also advocate to ensure vision care has the attention it deserves among policy makers, decision makers, professionals in the optical industry, eye doctors and leaders in the region. Providing publications, seminars and additional resources for ophthalmologists to focus on vision protection and solutions, allows the mission to be sustainable and promoted by passionate supporters.

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In Europe, we provide solutions for those who need vision care and we enable partners to join us in the mission.

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Medical Area


The online resource supports eye doctors by providing information about physiopathological optics, visual solutions and ocular protection. The platform is continuously updated with webinars, scientific publications and additional resources.

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Charitable Clinics

Our charitable clinics provide immediate, short-term relief of urgent vision care needs in communities where people don’t have easy access to or can’t afford vision services. We work with local doctors, community leaders, volunteers and organizations to provide vision screenings, refraction exams, glasses and resources to increase our reach and impact.

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We are focused on helping bring everyone the joy of good vision.

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