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Our Work in North America

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In North America, our goals are to fund free and subsidized services for those most in need while creating and expanding sustainable access points to ensure everyone has the opportunity to see clearly. We also advocate to ensure vision care has the attention it deserves among policy makers, decision makers and leaders in North America and around the world.

The work in North America focuses in Canada, United States of America and Mexico.

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In North America, we provide solutions for those who need vision care and we enable partners to join us in the mission.

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Champions for Sight™

Canada, United States

Teachers and school nurses are often the first adults to recognize that a child may have a vision problem. The Champions for Sight program provides free seasonal classroom resources for use by educators that highlight the need for eye exams and why it’s important to see clearly.

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Changing Life through Lenses®

United States

Changing Life through Lenses is the first- of-its-kind online program where eye doctors and vision non-profits can receive free glasses for their charitable work. The program provides prescription glasses to people in need at no cost to the eye doctor’s practice, the non-profit or the patient.

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Eyes to A's


The Eyes to As program in Ottawa addresses the vision care needs of nearly 10,000 school children within Ottawa’s largest public school board. Offering a preliminary vision screening to all students within an eligible school. Children invited for an eye exam are able to be visited by a licensed optometrist right in their school. If a child needs it, they will be given a prescription for glasses and introduced to an optician to select a frame.

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See Kids Soar®

United States

See Kids Soar is an in-office program designed for vision care practices to inspire parents, patients and eye doctors’ staff to adopt the cause of vision, and give them an opportunity to raise awareness and funds. Participating eye doctors get a free marketing kit with materials to promote the cause of vision, fundraising resources, and resources to help them promote their charitable efforts.

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Community Vision Centers

Our community vision centers deliver long-term access to affordable vision care in communities where people can’t get vision services. These centers meet key objectives:

  • Affordable: The lowest price point can be afforded by 90% of the community
  • Accessible: We strive for the community members to have the ability to reach a center within a day’s travel using a standard mode of transportation
  • Awareness: 80% of the population understands that vision care is a treatment and they know where to receive it
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OnSite Voucher Program

United States

If you or someone you know needs glasses, is not covered by insurance, is not eligible for Medicaid and needs financial assistance to get glasses, you may be eligible for the OnSite Voucher Program. Patients with vouchers can receive a free pair of glasses at participating LensCrafters, Target Optical or Pearle Vision corporate store retail locations.

OnSite voucher eligibility information
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Charitable Clinics

Our charitable clinics provide immediate, short-term relief of urgent vision care needs in communities where people don’t have easy access to or can’t afford vision services. We work with local doctors, community leaders, volunteers and organizations to provide vision screenings, refraction exams, glasses and resources to increase our reach and impact.

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We are focused on helping bring everyone the joy of good vision.

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