A Focus on Children's Quality of Vision: Factors Affecting Eyeglass Lens Preferences

A community-based, randomized, crossover study was undertaken to ascertain whether children preferred eyeglasses using eitherTransitions® photochromic lenses or clear lenses, both in polycarbonate, and to identify specific factors contributing to those preferences. The 49 children (25 girls and 24 boys) enrolled in the crossover study were between 10 and 17 years old. During 2 30-day trial periods, the children were randomly assigned to wear glasses with either photochromic lenses or clear lenses. At the end of the first trial period, the eyeglasses were switched (identical frames, new lenses). At the end of each trial period, the children completed the PQVS, a standardized questionnaire asking them to rate how well they saw in different lighting conditions, how comfortable they were with their glasses, and how well teachers and peers accepted their glasses. 

Data analysis consisted of summarizing the actual responses by question and type of lens worn and paired differences of PQVS responses. Parents were also asked to complete surveys at the beginning and end of the study. Although at the end of the study nearly 90% of the children selected photochromic lenses over clear lenses, the only statistically significant differences occurred with regard to questions concerning the ability to see in bright sunlight and peer acceptance (Table 3). 

When asked whether they have trouble seeing in the bright sun when wearing their glasses, 47% of children wearing photochromic lenses compared with 27% of those in clear lenses answered “no trouble at all” (P=.04). On analysis of paired differences, 9 children perceived a difference between the 2 lenses, with 8 children favoring photochromic lenses and 1 preferring clear lenses (P=.03). In addition, almost all parents (98%) said they will definitely or possibly select photochromic lenses for their child in the future.

Publication date

March 26, 2015

Sponsor Institution

Transitions Optical


Madeline Romeu
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