Artificial intelligence and digital health in global eye health: opportunities and challenges

Global eye health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, impacting disease reduction, productivity, and education. Despite significant progress, challenges persist. Digital health and AI hold promise for transforming eye care by increasing access and enabling data-driven decisions. Challenges include limited access in low- and middle-income countries, the need for policy prioritization, and effective financing. The authors recommend creating a global digital eye health task force to coordinate funding, infrastructure development, and AI democratization. Collaboration between government and non-government organizations is essential to overcome resource constraints. LMICs can benefit from open datasets, cloud platforms, and AI education for healthcare professionals. Standardized reporting and terminology are vital for transparent and reproducible AI applications. In summary, leveraging emerging digital health and AI technologies is crucial for global eye health, emphasizing scalability, sustainability, and equity. Collaboration, particularly with LMICs, is essential for developing effective solutions that harness AI and digital health's potential to enhance eye health worldwide.

Publication date

August 15, 2023


The Lancet Global Health


Ting Fang Tan, Arun J Thirunavukarasu, Liyuan Jin, Joshua Lim, Stanley Poh, Zhen Ling Teo, Marcus Ang, R V Paul Chan, Jasmine Ong, Angus Turner, Jonas Karlström, Tien Yin Wong, Jude Stern, Daniel Shu-Wei Ting
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