Effects of Shrinkage of the Visual Field Through Aging on Parking Performance: a Parametric Manipulation of Salience and Relevance of Contextual Components

  • The study investigated parking behavior with different levels of salience and relevance of the parking environment.

  • The salience and the relevance of elements present in the parking environment were manipulated during parking maneuvers.

  • Different effects on maneuvering were observed depending on driver characteristics such as age and the extent of the field of view (FV).

  • It was found that the presence of a relevant element, such as a pedestrian, impaired parking performance only among older drivers with a narrower FV.

  • The distinct effects of salience and relevance suggest that they had different statuses in attentional processing of maneuvering drivers.

  • The study was conducted in France.

Publication date

April 2, 2016

Sponsor Institution

Université de Lyon


E. Douissembekova, G. A. Michael, J. Roge, P. Bonhoured , C. Gabaudec and J. Navarrob
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