Lack of Follow-up Exams After Failed School Vision Screenings: An Investigation of Contributing Factors

  • Programs to facilitate professional eye exams after failed school vision screenings often are based on the assumption that funding and access to services are major obstacles to care.

  • Despite such programs, many children do not receive professional exams.

  • The purpose of this study was to identify additional barriers to follow-up eye care.

  • School nurses in an urban, mid-western public school district identified elementary school students who had not received follow-up eye exams after failed school vision screenings.

  • Parents of these students were interviewed during the summer to determine financial, logistical, social/family, and perceptual barriers to care.

  • Family issues, parental perceptions of vision problems, and difficulty planning ahead were found to be significant factors. Strategies to increase follow-up compliance and recommendations for overcoming barriers to care were also identified.

Publication date

July 12, 2019


The Journal of School Nursing


Linda S. Kimel, RN, MS
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