Refractive Error in Under-Served Adults: Causes and Potential Solutions

  • The purpose of this study was to assess the epidemiology of uncorrected refractive errors in adults both in the United States and globally.

  • This study was based on the review of literature on uncorrected refractive errors, health outcomes impacted by URE, common barriers to treatment, and propose potential interventions.

  • The study identified URE is the main cause of visual impairment and the second leading cause of blindness globally.

  • Literature shows that the rates of URE are rising, and cause disability that reduces productivity, economic earnings, and the quality of life of affected individuals.

  • The common barriers to treatment of URE were economic barriers, healthcare access, and sociocultural constraints.

  • Delivery programs for eyeglasses and programs to provide refractive surgery to correct refractive error could decrease rates of URE.

Publication date

November 15, 2017


Current Opinion in Ophthalmology


Jeganathan, V.S., Robin, A.L. and Woodward, M.A.
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