Refractive Errors Among Children, Adolescents and Adults Attending Eye Clinics in Mexico

  • The purpose of this study was to assess the proportion of refractive errors in the Mexican population that visited primary care optometry clinics in fourteen states of Mexico.

  • METHODS: Refractive data from 676 856 patients aged 6 to 90y were collected from optometry clinics in fourteen states of Mexico between 2014 and 2015. T

  • RESULTS: The proportion  among all of the subjects was hyperopia 21.0%, emmetropia 40.7% , myopia 24.8%  and astigmatism alone 13.5% .

  • Myopia was the most common refractive error and frequency seemed to increase among the young population (10 to 29 years old)

  • Hyperopia increased among the aging population (40 to 79 years old)

  • Astigmatism alone showed a decreasing trend with age (6 to 90y; from 19.7% to 10.8%)

  • There was a relationship between age and all refractive errors (approximately 60%, aged 50 and older).

  • The proportion of any clinically important refractive error was higher in males (61.2%) than in females (58.3%).

Publication date

September 11, 2017


International Journal of Ophthalmology

Sponsor Institution

Salud Digna


Francisco Gomez-Salazar, Abraham Campos-Romero, Humberto Gomez-Campaña, Cinthia Cruz-Zamudio, Mariano Chaidez-Felix, Nidia Leon-Sicairos, Jorge Velazquez-Roman, Hector Flores-Villaseñor, Secundino Muro-Amador , Alma Marlene Guadron-Llanos , Javier J. MartinezGarcia, Joel Murillo-Llanes, Jaime Sanchez-Cuen, Alejando Llausas-Vargas, Gerardo Alapizco-Castro, Ana Irineo-Cabrales, Enrique Graue-Hernandez, Tito Ramirez-Luquin, Adrian Canizalez-Roman
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