Screening for Visual Impairment: Outcome Among School Children in a Rural Area of Delhi

  • Refractive errors are the leading cause of visual impairment in school-going and school-aged children reported in India and other developing countries.

  • Out of 1,123 students enrolled, 1,075 (95.7%) students were screened for refractive errors. Low vision (visual acuity < 20/60) in the better eye was observed in 31 (2.9%) children and blindness (visual acuity <20/200) in 10 (0.9%) children.

  • Out of 48 students, 34 (70.8%) procured spectacles from family resources but its regular use was found among only 10 (29.4%) students.

  • Poor access and utilization of eye health services among rural school children, worsening of uncorrected existing myopia and overt manifestation of latent myopia in the older age group might be the reason for a relatively higher magnitude of visual impairment.

Publication date

May 27, 2016


Indian Journal of Ophthalmology


Neeti Rustagi, Yogesh Uppal and Devender K Taneja
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