Southeast Asia

Clinic Volunteering

Employees have the opportunity to volunteer at clinics for a duration ranging from 1-2 days or a full week, depending on the specific clinic. Volunteers play a crucial role in various activities, including registration, befriending, ushering, dispensing glasses, and conducting visual acuity tests.

Prior training will be provided to ensure volunteers are well-prepared for their roles. There are no restrictions on participation, and employees are encouraged to apply through Microsoft Forms, with application windows opening quarterly. Participation is subject to supervisor approval, and clinics will be updated regularly to provide employees with a variety of volunteering options throughout the year.

To apply, employees can keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities, which will be uploaded every quarter via the website. This initiative aims to provide employees with meaningful volunteering opportunities while ensuring flexibility in terms of commitment duration and types of activities involved.

Skills-Based Volunteering

This is an opportunity for employees to step forward as skilled volunteers to help the Foundation with awareness creation and stakeholder engagement initiatives.

Tapping on past relevant experience and existing relationships within the Group, volunteers will help to identify, introduce, and launch impactful partnerships that will help to enhance the Foundation's impact in the region.

  • Based in Southeast Asia
  • Strength with brand narratives
  • Experience with stakeholder engagement
  • Proficiency in Digital marketing/ social media (professionally/personally)
  • Interest & familiarity with emerging technology & digital innovations

 To apply, employees can keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities, which will be uploaded every quarter via the website.

Volunteer Leaders Program

Employees have the opportunity to become Volunteer Leaders, individuals who inspire and lead others in serving the community. Volunteer Leaders play a key role in developing effective and meaningful charity programs. To apply, interested employees should express their interest and undergo a selection process, which includes a series of interview rounds.

Successful candidates will receive training in various components, including volunteer management, event organization, and stakeholder management. The program requires a commitment to developing leadership and empathy skills, creating a dynamic environment for those passionate about making a positive impact.

Participation in the Volunteer Leaders program is not open to everyone; individuals are selected based on their suitability for the role.

To apply, employees can keep an eye out for leader opportunities, which will be uploaded every start of the year. Interested employees should keep an eye out for announcements and application instructions to seize this chance to become impactful leaders in charitable initiatives.