Our focus

We are focused on helping bring everyone in the world the joy of good vision.

Good vision is a basic human right, yet uncorrected poor vision affects 2.7 billion people around the world.

Seeing well improves everything in life.

From an individual’s health, education and work opportunities, to the sustainable development of local communities and economies.

We have the solutions.

1 in 3 people¹ aren’t reaching their full potential when 80% of all vision problems² can be solved by solutions that exist today.

Modern lifestyles, including children spending less time outdoors and the ever-increasing use of screens, are contributing to a rise in myopia. But it doesn’t need to be this way. And we are working to solve it.

Together we can eliminate uncorrected poor vision in a generation.

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2. World Health Organization, “Universal Eye Health: A Global Action Plan 2014–2019,” World Health Organization (2013): 1,