Advancing health equity in pediatric eye care: the role of school-based vision programs, research, advocacy, community engagement, and medical education

In the United States, the issue of unequal access to pediatric vision care among school-age children continues to be a significant concern. School-based vision programs (SBVPs) are considered a beneficial approach to promote health equity, particularly for disadvantaged students. However, it's crucial to recognize that SBVPs alone cannot fully address the problem. To effectively improve the pediatric eye care system and ensure broader access to necessary services, it is essential to foster interdisciplinary collaborations. This discussion aims to highlight the role of SBVPs in combination with research, advocacy, community engagement, and medical education to advance health equity in pediatric eye care. By integrating these various efforts, a more comprehensive approach can be achieved, providing greater support to underserved communities and enhancing access to essential eye care services for all school-age children.

Publication date

March 8, 2023


Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus


Christina Ambrosino, Michael X. Repka, Mary Louise Z. Collins, Megan E. Collins
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