Assessment of Driving Behavior and Safe Driving Skills of Goods Vehicle Drivers in India

  • Road crashes are one of the leading causes for deaths, disabilities and hospitalization, with severe socioeconomic costs across the world.

  • The scope of this study is to understand the psychological traits of drivers operating their vehicles. The tests conducted as part of this study focused on the assessment of driving performance and safety skills.

  • The study showed that young drivers had more emotional stability as compared to older drivers. Approximately 22% of drivers below 30 years performed “good” in their emotional stability test versus 18% of drivers above 30 years.

  • Nearly 73% of drivers below 30 years and 76% of drivers above 30 years performed “poor” in their self-control.

  • According to the reported statistics of causalities on Indian roads, one road crash is reported every four minutes which excludes the unreported road crashes expected to take place at every minute and moreover incidents such as near mistakes that take place every second.

Publication date

May 27, 2016


Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) and PCTI Educational Society (Road Safety Division)
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