Assessment of Visual Traits of Heavy Vehicle Drivers in India

  • More than 65% of road crashes on Indian roads are caused due to the fault of the road users apart from the other factors such as faulty road design, poor road maintenance and vehicle conditions account for the remaining share of road fatalities.

  • In this study 535 heavy vehicle commercial drivers were selected to participate across different age groups – different psychophysical vision-related tests were conducted on each driver.

  • All drivers scored low in all visual tests. Among the vision tests, over 50 drivers performed “below average” in the glare test. And approximately 14% performed “below average” and 11% performed “poor” in the visual acuity test, highlighting that the drivers are drastically poor in visual capacity.

Publication date

May 27, 2016


Global Journal for Research Analysis


Chakrabarty Neelima, S Velmurugan, Gupta Kamini, Rikku Reetesh and Shatakshi Shriya
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