Disparities in Adult Vision Health in the United States

  • The purpose of this study was to review the existing literature on vision health disparities in major adult vision health outcomes and visual impairment.

  • This was a literature review research project which analysed relevant peer-reviewed publications.

  • Prevalence data on vision health outcomes is limited to findings from a few key population-based studies.

  • Vision loss and visual impairment are more common with age, and there is racial variation in the specific causes of vision loss (underlying health conditions).

  • Women are at greater risk of vision loss compared to men.

  • Vision-related disability and disparities in visual outcomes are monitored poorly at present.

Publication date

October 13, 2017


American Journal of Ophthalmology


Zambelli-Weiner, A., Crews, J.E. and Friedman, D.S.
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