Disparities in Visual Impairment by Immigrant Status in the United States

  • The purpose of this study was to assess the differences in visual impairment between immigrants and natives in the United States.

  • This was a cross-sectional study of clinical vision examination data from the 2003–2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

  • The differences in visual acuity for 20/40 and better vision were not statistically significant for corrective lens users.

  • Among nonusers of corrective lenses, noncitizens were significantly less likely than US natives to have 20/40 or better vision.

  • Noncitizens also had up to 3.5 times the odds of being legally blind relative to US natives after adjusting for confounding factors.

  • There were significant differences in visual acuity exist between immigrants and US natives.

Publication date

October 13, 2017


American Journal of Ophthalmology


Wilson, F.A., Wang, Y., Stimpson, J.P., Kessler, A.S., Do, D.V. and Britigan, D.H.
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