Distribution of Refractive Errors Among School Children in Abia State of Nigeria

  • Visual screening in pre-school and school children has long been a tradition in developed nations of the world.

  • The significance of this cannot be overemphasized especially with the already established correlation between school performance and visual status.

  • This study, which was carried out in Abia State of Nigeria made use of 2,525 school children aged 7 to 17yrs.

  • The result showed prevalence rate of 31.05% for myopia, 19.13% for hyperopia and 7.80% for astigmatism.

  • The frequency of the distribution of myopia was found to show a linear progression with age while that of hyperopia was found to be on the decrease within the same age range.

  • On further analysis, an average percentage difference of 2.14% was observed in the distribution of refractive errors in urban and rural school children.

Publication date

July 12, 2019


Journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association

Sponsor Institution

Department of Optometry, Abia State University


OC Uhuama, UC Atowa
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