Dry eye disease and high myopia in teenagers; a reciprocal relationship

This study investigates the relation between dry eye disease (DED) and high myopia (HM) in Japanese teenagers.

The study was a retrospective, descriptive, consecutive case series. We compared the dry eye condition in 106 HM patients (mean age, 16.4 ± 2.2y), 494 mild myopic (MM) patients (15.0 ± 2.6y), and 82 non-myopic (NM) subjects (13.8 ± 2.6y) aged between 10 and 19 years old at Japanese eye clinics. Myopia, astigmatic error, and anisometropia were assessed. Dry eye-related symptoms questionnaire including; dryness, irritation, pain, fatigue, blurring and photophobia were evaluated. Intraocular pressure, tear film break-up time (BUT) and fluorescein staining were investigated. Our study showed significant clinical findings of DED in HM patients. The present results indicated DED might be associated with HM in teenagers.

Publication date

June 2, 2022


IOVS, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science


Osama Ibrahim Hirayama; Masahiko Ayaki; Erisa Yotsukara; Hidemasa Torii; Kazuno Negishi
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