Magnitude, Temporal Trends, and Projections of the Global Prevalence of Blindness and Distance and Near Vision Impairment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Publication date

October 12, 2017


The Lancet


Prof Rupert R A Bourne, MD, Seth R Flaxman, BA, Tasanee Braithwaite, MPH, Maria V Cicinelli, MD, Aditi Das, MD, Jost B Jonas, MD, Jill Keeffe, PhD, John H Kempen, MD, Janet Leasher, OD, Hans Limburg, PhD, Kovin Naidoo, PhD, Konrad Pesudovs, PhD, Serge Resnikoff, MD, Alex Silvester, MD, Gretchen A Stevens, DSc, Nina Tahhan, PhD, Tien Y Wong, PhD, Hugh R Taylor, MD
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