How does a pair of near-vision spectacle correction empower older Zanzibari craftswomen?: A qualitative study on perception

Craftswomen in Zanzibar perceive that near-vision spectacle correction could empower them at personal and relational levels, leading to economic, psychological, social, political, and educational empowerment. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 24 craftswomen with presbyopia, and themes emerged indicating that spectacle correction could improve their economic status, self-confidence, decision-making abilities, and leadership roles. At a relational level, they believed it could enhance family interactions, social engagement, and the ability to educate other women. While previous studies focused on short-term outcomes, this research sheds light on the potential long-term effects of vision correction on women's empowerment, offering insights for future eye health and empowerment programs in low-resource settings like Zanzibar.

Publication date

May 26, 2023



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Michelle Fernandes Martins, Fatma Omar, Omar Othman, Gianni Virgili, Ai Chee Yong, Damaris Mulewa, Christine Graham, Carlos Price-Sanchez, Ronnie Graham, Adrianna Farmer, Eden Mashayo, Ving Fai Chan
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