International Myopia Institute - White Papers

  • This current issue is the commemorative version of the International Myopia Institute – White Papers.

  • The IMI booklet was produced to commemorate the achievement of the first stage of the International Myopia Institute in bringing together all the key researchers in the area of myopia to generate consensus to the areas of definitions and classifications, experimental models, interventions, clinical trials and instrumentation, industry guidelines and ethics, clinical management, and genetics.

  • Compiling the evidence and making recommendations will form the basis for future research, management and education in myopia for practitioners, educators, researchers and policy makers.

  • The booklet introduces the IMI, and contains the editorial and introduction paper.

  • Each individual white paper can be found in our website under its current title.

To access the Clinical Summaries in all languages, click here:

Publication date

August 8, 2019


International Myopia Institute

Sponsor Institution

International Myopia Institute, Brien Holden Vision Institute, Carl Zeiss Vision, Coopervision, Essilor, Alcon, and Vision Impact Institute


International Myopia Institute
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