Magnitude of Refractive Errors Among School Children in a Rural Block of Haryana

  • The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of refractive errors in school children (6-15 years) and their association with age and sex.

  • This was a cross-sectional study conducted on 1265 school children (6-15 years).

  • Out of 1265, 172 children (13.6 %) were found to have defective vision (≤6/9).

  • The prevalence of myopia, hyperopia & astigmatism was more in girls (23.7%), compared to boys (12.2%).

  • The prevalence of myopia & astigmatism was more in higher age groups and the prevalence of hyperopia was more in lower age groups.

  • Refractive errors can negatively impact on the learning abilities of school children and visual screening by trained teachers can play an important role in early detection and prevention of further complications.

This article was identified as a reference for a VII-commissioned systematic review on the Impact of URE on Children.

Publication date

December 7, 2016


The Internet Journal of Epidemiology


S. Seema, B. Vashisht, K. Meenakshi, G. Manish
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