Myopia and Depression among Middle School Students in China—Is There a Mediating Role for Wearing Eyeglasses?

This study explores myopia's link to depression in middle school students in China. Myopic students often struggle academically and socially due to poor vision, leading to increased stress. Data from a large-scale survey showed that myopic students scored higher on depression scales (CES-D) than non-myopic peers. Older students, lower-performing ones, and those from poorer families experienced more pronounced impacts. The study also examines eyeglasses' role as a mediator in the myopia-depression connection. While eyeglasses partially alleviate this link, they do not entirely negate myopia's negative effects on depression. This research underscores the need to address depression in myopic adolescents, who may also suffer from reduced confidence and motivation for learning. Promoting the use of properly fitted eyeglasses is crucial to mitigate the myopia-depression association. Additionally, efforts to reduce myopia rates in school-age children are vital. However, the study has limitations, such as potential measurement issues and an inability to establish causality. Further research is encouraged to delve deeper into these factors and enhance our understanding of myopia's impact on depression in children.

Publication date

October 11, 2022


International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health


Juerong Huang, Hongjing Dang, Hongjing Dang, Yan Cai, Juan Liu, Qihui Chen
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