Myopia Control Efficacy of Spectacle Lenses With Aspherical Lenslets: Results of a 3-Year Follow-Up Study

The study investigates the efficacy of myopia control in children wearing spectacle lenses with highly aspherical lenslets (HAL) for an additional year after a 2-year myopia control trial. The research involved 54 children who had worn HAL for 2 years, with 52 continuing to wear HAL (HAL1 group). Furthermore, 51 children who had originally worn slightly aspherical lenslets (SAL) and 48 children who had worn single-vision spectacle lenses (SVL) switched to HAL for the third year (HAL2 and HAL3 groups). A new group of 56 children with SVL (nSVL) was recruited and matched for age, sex, cycloplegic spherical equivalent refraction (SER), and axial length (AL) of the HAL3 group at extension baseline. Results from the third year showed that myopia progression and axial elongation were significantly less in the HAL1, HAL2, and HAL3 groups compared to the nSVL group. The study highlights the effectiveness of HAL in controlling myopia progression and axial elongation in children over a longer period and suggests that switching to HAL from SAL or SVL also leads to slower myopia progression and axial elongation.

Publication date

April 9, 2023


American Journal of Ophthalmology


Xue Li; Yingying Huang; Ziang Yin; Chenyao Liu; Siqi Zhang; Adeline Yang; Björn Drobe; Hao Chen; Jinhua Bao
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