National Survey of Blindness and Low Vision in Lebanon

  • The purpose of this survey was to determine the levels of blindness and low vision in Lebanon.

  • A population survey was undertaken in 10 148 individuals to measure the prevalence and identify the causes of blindness in Lebanon.

  • The prevalence of blindness was 0.6% and that of low vision 3.9%. The major causes of blindness were cataract (41.3%) and uncorrected large refractive error (12.6%).

  • The survey concluded that most causes of blindness in Lebanon can be controlled by various educational and medical programmes.

Publication date

March 7, 2018


British Journal of Ophthalmology


A M Mansour, Kassem Kassak, Monique Chaya, Talal Hourani, Abla Sibai, M N Alameddine
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