On-Road Driving with Moderate Visual Field Loss

  • The study examined the relationship between visual field extent and driving performance in an open, on-road environment using a detailed scoring method that assessed the quality of specific skills for a range of maneuvers.

  • The purpose was to determine which maneuvers and skills should be included in future, larger scale investigations of the effect of peripheral field loss on driving performance.

  • 28 current drivers (67±14 years) with restricted peripheral visual fields participated. Binocular visual field extent was quantified using Goldmann perimetry (V4e target).

  • Drivers with more restricted horizontal and vertical binocular field extents showed significantly (p < 0.05) poorer skills in speed matching when changing lanes, in maintaining lane position and keeping to the path of the curve when driving around curves, and received significantly (p < 0.05) poorer ratings for anticipatory skills.

Publication date

April 26, 2016

Sponsor Institution

American Academy of Optometry


A. Bowers, E. Peli, J. Elgin, G. McGwin and C. Owsley
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