Paediatric Refractive Errors in an Eye Clinic in Osogbo, Nigeria

  • This study set out to determine the pattern of refractive errors in children attending an eye clinic in South West Nigeria.

  • The age range of subjects was between 3 and 16 years with mean age = 11.7 and SD = 0.51; with males making up 33.9%.

  • The commonest presenting complaint was blurring of distant vision (40%), presenting visual acuity 6/9 (33.9%), normal vision constituted >75.0%, visual impairment20% and low vision 23.3%.

  • Low grade spherical and cylindrical errors occurred most frequently (35.6% and 59.9% respectively). Regular astigmatism was significantly more common.

  • The commonest diagnosis was simple myopic astigmatism (41.1%). Four cases of strabismus were seen.

  • Simple spherical and cylindrical errors were the commonest types of refractive errors seen. Visual impairment and low vision occurred and could be a cause of absenteeism from school.

  • Low-cost spectacle production or dispensing unit and health education are advocated for the prevention of visual impairment in a hospital set-up.

Publication date

July 12, 2019


Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences


Isawumi Michaeline, Agboola Sheriff, Ayegoro Bimbo
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