Prevalence and Causes of Low Vision Among Schoolchildren in Kibaha District, Tanzania

  • The purpose of this study was to determine the magnitude and causes of low vision among primary school children in Kibaha district in Tanzania.

  • This was a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted with 13,750 primary school children.

  • Thirty-eight (9.5%) were observed to have low vision.

  • Of the 38 children with low vision, 5 (13%) were 6-11 years old and 33 (87%) were 12 17 years old.

  • The prevalence of low vision was significantly higher in females (68%) than in males (32%).

  • The majority (90%) of the cases among children in Kibaha district were binocular low vision.

  • There is a high prevalence of low vision among schoolchildren in Kibaha with females more affected than males.

  • Early recognition and prompt treatment by regular screening of children would reduce unnecessary visual impairment in Tanzania.

Publication date

March 5, 2018


Tanzania Journal of Health Research


Kingo, A.U. and Ndawi, B.T.
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