Prevalence and Risk Factors of Refractive Errors and Effective Spectacle Coverage in Emiratis and Non-Emiratis Aged 40 Years or Older: the Dubai Eye Health Survey

This study examines the prevalence and risk factors of refractive errors (REs) and effective spectacle coverage in both Emiratis and non-Emiratis residing in Dubai. The research utilized a population-based cross-sectional design and included participants aged 40 years or older. The prevalence of hypermetropia was similar in both groups, while myopia and high myopia were more prevalent in Emiratis. Astigmatism was more common in older Emiratis and men. Effective spectacle coverage was relatively low in both populations. High education and not currently working were risk factors for myopia in non-Emiratis. The findings emphasized the necessity of interventions to address the burden of REs and enhance effective spectacle coverage in both communities. These results hold valuable implications for evidence-based policymaking to improve eye care services and resource allocation in Dubai, ultimately elevating overall eye health and quality of life. By filling a crucial data gap on RE prevalence in the UAE, the study provides valuable insights to guide public health strategies in the region.

Publication date

December 22, 2022


Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology


Rabiu, Muhammad Mansur; Taryam, Manal O.; AlBanna, Shurooq; Albastaki, Bushra; Khan, Hayat; Alnakhi, Wafa K.; Hussain, Hamid Y.; Rao, Prasan; Sinjab, Mazen M.; Lama T. Sharbek; Gurdeep Singh; Sivakami Pai; Xianwen Shang; Mingguang He
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