Refractive Error in Children in A Rural Population in India

  • Refractive error was found to be the cause in 61% of eyes with vision impairment.

  • A gradual shift toward less- positive values of refractive error occurred with increasing age in both boys and girls.

  • Myopia risk was associated with female gender and having a father with a higher level of schooling.

  • Higher risk of myopia in children of older ages was of borderline statistical significance.

This article was identified as a reference for a VII-commissioned systematic review on the Impact of URE on Children.

Publication date

December 7, 2016


Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science


Dandona R, Dandona L, Srinivas M, Sahare P, narsaiah, Munoz SR, Pokharel GP and Ellwein LB
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