Refractive Status of Primary School Children in Mopani District, Limpopo Province, South Africa

  • The purpose of this study was to determine the causes, prevalence, and  distribution  of  ocular  dis-orders  among  rural  primary  school  children in  Mopani  district  of  Limpopo  Province, South Africa.

  • Three hundred and eighty eight children aged  8  to  15  years  were  randomly selected for examination from five randomly selected schools.

  • The prevalence of hyperopia was higher than that of myopia both in the right and left eyes of males and females among all age groups.

  • In the total sample, 566 (72.9%) eyes had hyperopia and only 19 (2.5%) had myopia.

  • Of the entire sample, 191 (24.6%) children had emmetropia.

  • The study recommend regular vision screening programmes, appropriate  referral  and  vision correction  in  primary  schools  in  Mopani district.

Publication date

March 6, 2018


South African Optometrist


Mabaso, R.G., Oduntan, A.O. and Mpolokeng, M.B.L.
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