Restricted Licensing Among Older Drivers in Iowa

  • The study aimed to determine whether Iowa’s license restriction program identifies older drivers who appear to be at greater crash risk and to assess compliance with license restrictions.

  • A total of 522 drivers 70 and older who were attempting to renew their driver’s licenses at licensing offices in Iowa participated in two telephone surveys: one shortly after renewal to discuss driving before renewal and another six months later to assess any changes.

  • Of the 522 drivers, 232 renewed their licenses without having to take a road test (Group 1), and 290 were required to take a road test; of the drivers taking a road test, 191 renewed without restrictions (Group 2), 93 received restrictions (Group 3), and six had their licenses suspended (Group 4).

Publication date

April 26, 2016

Sponsor Institution

Journal of Safety Research


K. A. Braitman, N. K. Chaudhary and A. T. McCartt
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