Spectacle Coverage and Spectacles Use among Elderly Population in Residential Care in the South Indian State of Andhra Pradesh

  • The purpose of this study was to investigate the spectacle coverage and spectacles used among the elderly population in residential care in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh

  • The spectacle coverage for refractive errors was higher among older individuals, men, and those with any education.

  • The unmet need for refractive errors was associated significantly with the level of education.

  • Spectacle coverage for refractive errors and presbyopia among elderly population in residential care was low.

  • Service delivery systems should be developed to reach the concerned elderly population in residential care.

Publication date

August 10, 2016


Marmamula, S., Ravuri, L.V., Boon, M.Y. and Khanna, R.C.
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