The Myopia White Paper

  • This White Paper was developed by Optometric associations, educational institutions and vision scientists from across the country.  

  • Key optometrists discussed and deliberated on evidence regards sunlight and myopia available internationally. 

  • They also reviewed the incidence of myopia and pathology associated with high myopia in India. Recommendations based on the evidences are reported.

  • The prevalence of myopia is increasing globally at an alarming rate, where WHO has predicted that by 2050, half the world population will be myopic and will need to wear spectacles for good vision. 

  • This not only will affect the health of the eye but will also have an economic impact on the country, as more and more people will need vision correction, without which their productivity will be affected.

  • There has been scientific evidence to prove that exposure to the sun reduces the incidence of myopia and helps in myopia control. 

  • This factor is more significant now as we deal with the pandemic and all education is happening online. Increased near work also is a factor that contributes to increase in myopia. 

  • In view of all the above factors, optometrists came together, discussed evidence, publications and research and have drafted recommendations to the Government of India regards few changes in school educational policies. 

  • These are aimed at reducing the progression of myopia. 

Publication date

May 2, 2022


The Myopia Task Force - Optometry Council of India

Sponsor Institution

Myopia Task Force


Myopia task force: Dr Anuradha N, Dr Jameel RizwanaHussaindeen, Optom Lakshmi Shinde, Dr Pavan K Verkicharla, Dr Viswanathan S & OptomYeshwantSaoji
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