Uncorrected Hyperopia and Preschool Early Literacy

  • The purpose of this study was to compare early literacy of uncorrected hyperopic with emmetropic four- and five-year-old children.

  • The sample consisted of preschool or kindergarten children who had not previously worn refractive correction.

  • The shortfalls in visuocognitive and visuomotor ability in hyperopic children is linked to a neural processing deficit in hyperopia.

  • Hyperopic children have deficits in early literacy and essential skills are associated with future problems learning to read and write

Publication date

July 11, 2016

Sponsor Institution

American Academy of Ophthalmology


Marjean Taylor Kulp, Elise Ciner, Maureen Maguire, Bruce Moore, Jill Pentimonti, Maxwell Pistilli, Lynn Cyert, T. Rowan Candy, Graham Quinn and Gui-shuang Ying
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