Vision screening outcomes of Grade 3 children in Australia: Differences in academic achievement

Learning is multisensory, thus impaired vision may impact on classroom learning and subsequently, academic achievement. This research investigated the impact of impaired vision on academic achievement in a sample of 109 Grade 3 Australian children.

Approximately 30% of the sample were identified as borderline or unsatisfactory by a vision screening and were referred for a full eye examination. Children who were referred at the vision screening scored significantly lower on national standardised tests of reading, grammar and punctuation, spelling and numeracy, when compared to their not referred peers.

This research has important implications for teachers and eye health professionals, as the findings highlight the importance of early vision screening in identifying children who may be achieving below their potential.

Publication date

April 22, 2021


International Journal of Education Research


Sonja L.J. White; Joanne M. Wood; Alexander A. Black; Shelley Hopkins
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