Visual Challenges Among Drivers: A Case Study in Delhi, India

  • During the last two decades, developing countries such as India have been exhibiting rapid increase in human population and vehicles, and increase in road accidents.

  • Inappropriate driving behavior is considered one of the major causes of road accidents in India as compared to defective geometric design of pavement or mechanical defects in vehicles.

  • Apart from the other factors causing accidents such as poor road design ,vehicle conditions, driver characteristics of frequent traffic violations, increase in crashes due to self-centered driving, etc. it can also be resulted in conditions such as lack of psychophysical abilities e.g. poor eye sight, poor vision at night time, glare blindness etc. Hence, improved driver screening facilities accompanied by availability of good driving aids such as anti-glare glasses can be an effective and preventive measure to inhibit crash risks.

Publication date

April 26, 2016


International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology

Sponsor Institution

Maruti Suzuki/Central Road Research


Dr. Neelima Chakrabarty, Arun Lakshman, Kamini Gupta and Ankit Bhatnagar
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