Visual Function After Correction of Distance Refractive Error with Ready-Made and Custom Spectacles: A Randomized Clinical Trial

  • The purpose of this study was to assess patient-reported outcome measures with the use of ready-made spectacles (RMS) and custom spectacles (CS).

  • A double-masked, randomized clinical trial was done with a total of 363 adults aged 18 to 45 years.

  • Higher income and education were associated with a reduced degree of improvement in satisfaction.

  • Ready-made spectacles produce large but slightly smaller improvements in visual function and quality of life compared with custom spectacles.

  • Ready-made spectacles produce similar satisfaction with vision at one-month follow-up when compared with custom spectacles.

  • Ready-made spectacles can be used in settings where custom spectacles are unavailable or not affordable.

Publication date

August 10, 2016


Brady, C.J., Villanti, A.C., Gandhi, M., Friedman, D.S. and Keay, L.
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