Visual Standards: Vision Requirements for Driving Safety- with Emphasis on Individual Assessment

  • The purpose of this report is aimed at providing a set of considerations for use by any group contemplating the development or refinement of driving license requirements.

  • It examines the relationship between visual functions and functional vision which is considered complex and can be influenced by many factors.

  • Visual assessment for driving is thus a major health issue and the ICO report examines how it could contribute towards global harmonization in this important area.

  • Requirements for professional and commercial drivers are not considered in this report.

  • The report surveyed several member countries on the criteria for driving license requirements. It also includes driving license requirements and legislation variations by state in the USA.

  • The ICO makes important recommendations for additional test of functional vision  rather than visual acuity alone, tests for contrast sensitivity, visual field, deficits in attention and night vision, among others.

Publication date

July 7, 2021


International Council of Ophthalmology for 30th World Ophthalmology Congress

Sponsor Institution

International Council of Ophthalmology


August Colenbrander, MD, Prof. Dr. Jean-Jacques De Laey, MD
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