Our work

We have an ambition to eliminate uncorrected poor vision in a generation.

We collaborate with governments, global and local NGOs and other private sector partners whose goals are aligned with ours. Working this way, we can catalyze greater engagement and resources and inspire wide-spread systems change across our four focus areas.

Creating sustainable access points

We train people to be primary vision care entrepreneurs, support them to set up their own optical shops and provide mobile services in their communities. We work with local governments and communities to build permanent vision centers alongside hospitals and clinics. Our goal is for everyone to have access to vision care within one day’s travel.

Innovating for affordable solutions

We invest in innovation to accelerate the affordability of providing communities with sustainable vision care services and products. Through the development of low-cost, digital and automated screening tools that require less operator training, we are scaling up the digitization of existing and new efforts and opening up access to affordable quality glasses.

Funding subsidized and free services

We’re committed to reaching the communities most in need to ensure everyone has a healthy future. We focus on improving lives through better vision with access to free eye exams, free glasses and funding for vision care programs.

Advocacy and awareness

We advocate to ensure vision care has the attention it deserves among policy makers, decision makers and local communities as the future of good vision relies on understanding the improved quality of life that healthy vision contributes to.

Our report

Our report ‘Eliminating Poor Vision in a Generation’ outlines a detailed roadmap to achieving this ambition.

More than 700 resources

For studies and reports focused on the impact of uncorrected poor vision.